Sunday, September 6, 2009

20 Year Class Reunion

This weekend we had our 20 Year class reunion, it was so much fun! There were 50 of us at the dinner Saturday night-that is over 1/3 of our class in attendance!
Friday night we started off with a "class-mates only" bbq, it was '80's dress, so my group of friends got together and "primped" it up!. I LOVED that it was class mates only, just because we were able to reminisce and be silly with out our spouses there being bored, not knowing what we were talking about! We decorated the float, then we went up to the "H" and changed it to say '89! I will take a pic. of it, and post it later!
This is us on our float, it had rained really hard that night and ruined alot of our float, but we pulled together and got it looking good again... until Scott Stratton's dad (class of '64) started a water fight with us as we were waiting for the parade to get started (the parade was for Peach Days)
Me, Tiffney Alton, Jenny Tidwell, Jeff Swyers, and Becka Ott at the dinner. I have lots more pictures, but didn't want to post them all!
I had a blast! It was so much fun to see everyone! It says a lot about a class that can still get together after 20 years and be silly, and not have to worry about proving who you are and what you have done with your life!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kyler's boo boo!

So, I was sitting in a movie, minding my own business, and I get a text from Chris (the movie was about 1/2 hour from being over) that he was at Instacare with Kyler and that Ky had broke his arm, but they had it handled. I texted back "your kidding me, right?" thinking he was just trying to see when I'd be home. He texts back: "no, I wish I was"- so needless to say, that ruined the rest of the movie for me. I was with some friends, so I had no vehicle to leave and go to instacare. When the movie got out, I went home, got the van, then went and met Chris and Ky and we headed to the E.R.- the I.C. wanted Ky to be seen by an orthopeadic specialist. So we got to the E.R. and Dr. Parry came in, they gave Ky some meds to make him "loopy" which he was, then they gave him a beer-block in his arm and set his arm. They put it in a splint, then we have to go back next week, then the next for x-rays, if it has not moved they will put a cast on. (we are hoping and praying for this) If it does not hold, they will have to do surgery (NO, Please!)