Friday, March 5, 2010


Chris has always wanted to go to NASCAR... (well, ever since he started to watch it!) My brother-in-law goes quite often, so Chris asked him to get us tickets when it was in Vegas. So, we got tickets and went... Chris' driver is Jeff Gordon (J.G.)
The Thunderbirds did a "fly-over" right after the National Anthem... it was cool!
...and the race is on!
There weren't very many "cautions" in this race- it was mostly green-light... J.G. led about 250 of the 267 laps. Jimmie Johnson came and took it about the last 15 laps!
Jimmie Johnson doing his burn-out just before the victory lap!


Kyler got asked to go to preference...
There was a knock at the door about 10:30 pm, when we opened it, there was a vase of black roses on the mat with rose petals all over the mat. We brought it in and he opened the card. It didn't say who it was from... so we went back out, looked around to see if there was anything else- NOTHING! So we picked up all the petals to see if maybe something was written on one- NOTHING! So we just figured there'd be more to come... Sure enough, the next day at school, he gets this pizza delivered to him
His friends ate off the missing pepperonis!

Ice Skating

For Young Men/ Young Women, we went ICE SKATING... The kids really enjoyed it! Shania was a pro!
Braden, Kyler, and Micah