Monday, December 22, 2008

Birthday surprise

These are the flowers Chris gave me for my "38th" birthday, I can't be that old!!!!!
The surprise part is... I work at the high school with the Resource Department, I was sitting in a regular Biology class with a student, in walks Braden and a couple of his buds. Braden has his i-pod speakers, and Tim has a camcorder. They just stand there and keep watching out the door, I know something is going on at this point... Braden turns on the music and Aaron Esplin, a guy I work with comes in dancing and shaking his butt, and sings "Happy Birthday" to me, along with the whole class. Come to find out, Chris set this whole thing up with Aaron, Coach Homer (the Biology teacher) and Braden. I was wearing a red sweater that day, and I could feel that my face was as red as my shirt!

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