Sunday, November 1, 2009

Fall Break

For Fall Break Chris and Kyler went hunting, so I took Braden, Shania and Phonso to California. We stayed with my cousin, Jolene and her husband in Murietta. The only thing the kids wanted to do the whole time we were there is go to the beach. It was free, so we did just that! Everyday we drove 45 min. to an hour to the beach. We went to Oceanside the 1st day, then just drove down the coast highway and stopped at a few other beaches.
We went to the tidal pools at LaJolla Coves, where we saw some cool things in the tidal pools. The highlight for me there was the seals and sealions. Shania found this star fish in one of the shells she picked up. The next day we went to Mission Beach- it was overcast and really foggy, but still fun!
We were going to go to the BYU football game in San Diego that weekend, but the kids decided they would rather go to the beach! They LOVED to body surf. When we would go back to Rick and Jolene's at night the boys would keep saying that they still felt like they were in the waves.
We really had a good time! Rick and Jolene were great hosts! We had good food, and visited at night with them.

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