Monday, November 8, 2010

2010 State Volleyball

The cheerleaders made these signs and hung them in the front entrance of the school
Willie Billings came and gave a motivational speech to the girls- he showed them his state ring from his high school days, and passed it around for the girls to hold and look at- he did a really good job! (gave me cold chills)
Jody Rich orchestrated this send-off for the girls. It was awesome!! The whole school came out and lined the halls to wish the girls Good Luck!
Loading the bus to head for Orem- UVU
Team picture just before getting on the bus- what a great group of girls! This has been a fun year! I was a bit nervous at how the older girls would take to Nia- being a freshmen and playing on the varsity team. They were awesome to her! The seniors will be missed next year. We will have a young team- as we didn't have any juniors on the team... only 4 seniors, and the rest were sophmores and freshmen!
Goodie bag made by Kathleen Edwards for the girls
First game of state volleyball- against Bear River- we won!
Nia serving the ball
The team getting some rest and instruction during a time-out- we didn't take state, but we did super good for such a young and short team... we took 4th! I'm already excited for next year... I just love to watch volleyball- it is such an exciting game!

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