Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Nia (Shania) is our16 year old daughter. 
She is our athlete. She plays volleyball, basketball, and runs track.
Last year in track she was messing around on the hurdles (which is not her event) and she tripped and fell on her wrist.  We had the athletic trainer look at it and he thought she just sprained it so she went on and finished track.  Then she went through the summer doing volleyball and basketball camps- she would complain that it hurt once in awhile, but she never said how much it hurt.  In about September she was at a volleyball tournament and she dove for the ball and came up crying- we figure she must have had a hair-line fracture before, but finished it off there.  We had our chiropractic friend x-ray it for us because we are self-employed and I had full-time at the school district, but last year they cut all the aides to part-time and took away all our benefits (no insurance!) so we took these x-rays to a football game and the sports trainer's friend who is an orthopedic surgeon looked at them and confirmed it was broke. (her scaphoid bone in her wrist)  He told us to let her finish out her volleyball season and then come in to see him.  He said she couldn't really hurt it anymore than what was already done.  We went in in November and he casted it for 4 months- all the while she played a season of basketball with a cast on.  He took the cast off in February and felt like it was healed- gave her the go-ahead to finish basketball season and go into club volleyball season.  When we went back for her 6-week check-up, it was re-broke and he then wanted us to see a bone specialist because the bone that was broke doesn't get much blood flow and looked like it was dying.   We saw a bone specialist, and he wanted to do surgery, but wanted half up front on the day of surgery which was $15,000!  Who can just come up with that kind of money??? 
We have been very challenged this year as my husband's father suffered a major heart attack in Aug. and it has left him with an anoxic brain injury- well, he was part owner in another business we had, and because of that we had to turn the business back over to the previous owner- BUT we had a second mortgage on our home for the business, so we are short selling our home this month- but the second mortgage is still coming after us for the remaining balance which is $90,000. 
So, we have been so blessed to find Shriner's Hospital in Salt Lake- they first told us they couldn't help us, I don't think they believed us at first about this other doctor wanting so much money- I really think they must have called and found out it was true, so they made it work for us.  We have not had to come up with any money up front for Shriners- they did the surgery last month.  I don't know yet how much we will have to pay- but I'm sure it's not going to be $30,000! 
I truly believe everything will work out somehow- I know that there are so many other people facing much worse situations than we are, and I would take my challenges over what they are going through!  I do believe that Heavenly Father is aware of our situation.  I know that He loves us and will not make us endure more than we are capable.  Our whole family's strength has been put to the test, but we wake up every morning and face the day presented to us.
I have been blessed with some AMAZING friends who without them, I don't know if I would have made it through these past couple of years.
As the old Hurricane High School is being torn down, I don't really have sad feelings about it because MY old school is now gone, but because "The Cave of Wonders" and other rooms that carry so much of my last 6 years of friendships and memories is gone- but we will make another "Cave of Wonders" and more memories!


The Jones Family said...

It is amazing and scary how things work out. I'm so glad they could get Nia all fixed up and wish all the best for you guys. We love you tons!

Team Gardner said...

Kathy I didnt know you had a blog too! So glad I found you. It was the BEST seeing Shania playing again the other night, cant wait for whats to come :)