Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Break boo-boos

Braden getting "pampered"
This is the day it happened

This picture was 3 days later.
Braden was at his friend, Anderson Rich's house on Thursday of Spring Break, they were playing Dunk Ball, he came down on his foot wrong and rolled his ankle- it immediately swole up, and he couldn't walk, I was worried that he may have either broken it or pulled a tendon or ligament- but dad said: "Buck up, it's just sprained- I did that alot when I was young" (alot of sympathy!!!) After 6 days and the swelling had not gone down at all, and he was having a hard time walking on it, I took him to the Dr. they x-rayed, and nothing was broken or pulled, so it was a really bad sprain- they gave him some anti-inflammatory meds, and by the next day it was 1/2 the size! But it did pretty much ruin the rest of his Spring Break!

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rayndrop said...

ouch! that does NOT look fun!