Monday, March 30, 2009

Stay off the sidewalks!

On the last day of Spring Break I took Kyler to the DMV and got his Learner's Permit~ Now we have 2 teen drivers!!! What a sad thing!


rayndrop said...

what, what, what?! that's just plain crazy i tell you!

we saw shania in a wheelchair this afternoon in front of your house. was it for real, or for the older brother?

Randy & JoAnna said...


Sasha & Josh Hammond said...

Wow that is crazy, Fun for you!
Yes we are getting some ideas for the reunion, I can't wait it is going to be so much fun!

Jesse, Trista and Jaiden Wright said...

Kyler? when I saw this I thought it was about Braden! I cant believe they both can drive now! I really need to come out west, my whole family is growing up and I dont know any of them anymore!