Thursday, April 2, 2009


Each jelly bean has a couple letters that spell out Braden Hurst- she couldn't find the "R" in Hurst for awhile- but I think she got the "gist" of it- he hid the eggs so well, it took her neighbor kids coming to the door for her to find it up in the rock above the door.
So, after much prodding and begging from mom, Brade finally decided he would go to prom- he asked a really cute, nice girl, Sadie Hoyt. He put the board and basket by her front door, then hid the eggs all over her front yard, they were hidden so well, that when I drove by later I couldn't see any but 1! He wouldn't take a picture for me though, so this is all you get! I will try to get a pic when she answers him back.

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rayndrop said...

what a cute way to ask!