Sunday, April 19, 2009

She said "YES" and they went...

He was getting a little nervous, because she took 2 weeks to answer, although they talked all along as if they were going, and she would talk about what they were going to do and then she would say: "Hey wait, I haven't said yes yet, how do you know I'm going?"

For the "day-date" they went to Jumpin Jacks, then to a park to have a picnic, then to Snow Canyon to go caving. They had lots of fun, but they were running so late because a lot of them had a track meet that morning. They had dinner at Jordan Langston's house, with the help of a lot of parents, and some younger brothers and sisters serving. They finally made it up to the dance at around 10:00. Then after the dance they went to Tanner Lance's house to watch "Prom Night"
Braden's date was the Junior Prom Queen! He has the knack of picking the cutest ones!

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Randy & JoAnna said...

Just like his pop!!!! Looks like they had a good time, and she is very cute! Way-ta-go Braden!!!