Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 Prom

This year I had 2 boys going to prom... I tried to talk them into going together, but understandably Braden and his group of friends all wanted to go together for their senior year! I wasn't as involved with Braden's as Kyler's. Both groups went 4 wheeling for their day-dates, and Braden's group went out to dinner at Chili's. Kyler's group came to my house for dinner.
We had bacon-wrapped filets, "funeral potatoes", salad, rolls, and sorbets for dessert. I LOVE that my boys let me be involved in their dances and their lives... I LOVE their friends, (that call me "mama Hurst" or just "mom") and most of all (even though they are BIG STINKERS sometimes) I LOVE my boys!!!
Here is Kyler's group just before heading out the door to the dance... boys: Justin Post, (J.P.) Kyler, Cody Langford, Duncan Alger, and Parker Manuell (Park-dizzle) girls: Presley Steglich, Tia Smith, Taryn Desatoff, a girl from St. George, (I don't remember her name) and Britainy Pritchard
Kyler and his date: Tia Smith
Braden and his date: Natasha Frampton

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