Saturday, May 29, 2010

2010 Graduation

The graduating class of 2010 from HHS was about 225 students! That's more than double than graduated with me in 1989! Braden had a lot of really good friends- they were definitely a class to remember! Braden was the only one in his class that graduated with a Nursing Pathway Completion (the ropes)
This is right after seminary graduation- he had to work hard to graduate... he had about 23 hours of make-up to do since seminary was an easy class to sluff!!! I hope that he will realize the significance of getting it done! (and of mom nagging him to get it done!) He did make-up the work- and I'm very proud of him for doing it!
Kylynn Iverson, Jeff Staples, and Braden before graduation
Braden and Marcy Isom (his ex-girlfriend) It's good they can still be friends! She is a beautiful girl!
The family after graduation- Kyler, Chris, Braden, Kathy, and Shania. (I've been having some troubles with my eye lately- I don't know what is going on... but I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open that day.) Plus lack of sleep doesn't help! It has been a very fun but EXHAUSTING week! Braden and about 16 of his friends (more but they haven't fessed up!) decided to do a senior prank at the high school about a week before graduation. They had stolen the key to the school from one of the dads that works at the school, they went in and were going to chain up the doors from the inside so that when people came to the school the next day they couldn't get in- anyways to make a long story short- the cops showed up, the boys ran, 2 were caught- the boys all turned themselves in which resulted in 5 being arrested and booked into purgatory... they (HPD) started telling the boys to go home and they would deal with them the next day because they didn't have enough man-power to book them all that night... Braden was hand-cuffed and hauled out to the police car from school the next day. As he was sitting in the police car the City Attorney called and said they were dropping the Class A misdemeanor charge, so these boys didn't need to be booked. It resulted in the boys all being suspended from school for the rest of the school year (about 7 days) and they weren't going to let them walk for graduation- after a parent meeting with the principal he decided that it was punishing the parents and family to not let them walk, so he went ahead and let up on that! (Thank You, Mr. Pederson!) The boys were excluded from H-Day, Senior Sneak, and any other school functions... but they had their own senior sneak as they were together going to movies, swimming, sleeping, dunk-ball tournaments, etc... all week long! A few of them came over to our house and decorated their caps the night before graduation and were here until midnight... Grad night went on the next night until 5 AM, so I'm in need of some rest! After the senior cruise!!!!

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Mike and Tycie said...

I can not believe you have a son old enough to graduate high school!!! He was just a little kid when I saw him last... I hate that we live so far away and miss out on so much...
Congrats Braden!!!