Monday, June 7, 2010

2010 Senior Cruise

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Chris and I went as chaperons on the Senior Cruise. It was not a sponsored trip through the High School- the kids had to sign up on their own and find their own chaperons. We took Jacob Pugh and Braden with us, Cheyanne Benson also rode down and back with us. We had tons of fun! All the kids were well-behaved, even the little delinquents!!! (due to a senior prank some of the boys were booked into jail and now have a criminal record)

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The entertainment was always very good- they wouldn't let us take pictures so I only got a few of the shows...

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Catalina Island


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The "bruisers showed up" they rented bikes for $5 an hour and drove around Catalina Island- as much as they could see in an hour that is!

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My favorite part was para-sailing on Catalina Island... it was so fun! They just let us up from the boat and brought us right back down to the boat- it was so smooth you didn't even know you were going up or coming down, and we didn't even get wet!!! We saw a pack of about 20 dolphins jumping and playing in the water while we were up there- our guides told us that was the first time they had seen dolphins all day!

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The Cruise Ship at night looked amazing! Here's Jake Payne, Jordan Langston, Braden, and Ian Gates at "Formal Night"

Ensenada, Mexico

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In Ensenada we just got off the boat and shopped. I had a little shopping buddy: Cheyanne Benson, she had her list made up before hand and we found everything she needed and more!

Night time on the Ship

We loved to go to Karaoke after the shows... we even had some of our own celebrities sing: April Gates, Tyler Howard, and Brittney Stackhouse

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Every night when we got back to the room the famous Carnival towel animals would be waiting for us along with an agenda for the next days activities.

I think everyone had a good time- we only had security come to our room once looking for Braden- he and Tim Long had gotten into a little yelling fight and the neighbors called in- they had to come and make sure Braden was OK and that Tim's story was true. They also had a "flashing" incident: one of the boys, Brecken, had gone out his cabin door with a robe on over his clothes and he "flashed" another boy down the hall- a 10 year old girl saw it and went crying to her dad- he came down and got in Kylynn Iverson's face yelling at him- security was called and all was calmed down. Kylynn and Anderson Rich really got into the "gambling" thing- they were winning way too much so they felt like they needed to keep going and winning! I don't know how they ended up doing, but at one time Kylynn was up like $150.

I really didn't take a whole lot of pictures- I'm sad about that now! Oh well!


The Calico Crew said...

I love the para sailing pictures! That looks way fun!! That's fun for you and your hubby to get to go. Who wouldn't love a chaperon like you two?

Janacy said...

How COOL!!!

What an amazing excuse for a vacation ;)

I look forward to those days.... I still remember when your kids were little... would you have imagined then that it would be over so fast?