Sunday, April 25, 2010

2010 Border League Champions

After 2 very close games we pulled it out and are still the reigning border league champions... 2 years in a row now! We beat Desert Hills (B team) first off pretty handily, but the next 2 games came down to the wire. Shania swiped a shot out of the girls hand that would have sent us into overtime with Desert Hills (A team) and we beat Dixie in over time by a missed basket at the buzzer by Dixie... Girls from back row left to right: Shania, Charly Billings, Kaity Schear, Ciara Stratton, front: Rachel, (don't know her last name) McKell Isom, Brooklyn Gubler, Madison Hall, and Sela (can't spell her last name)
Playing against the Desert Hills A team- they have 2 really tall girls, and just alot of talent on their team!
Time out: Coach Hurst is giving them the low-down (he is actually the assistant coach- Amy Gubler was the head coach)
Championship game against Dixie- they have a very talented team also... this was a hard-fought game, but in the end we prevailed!
The Champions!!!

2010 Prom

This year I had 2 boys going to prom... I tried to talk them into going together, but understandably Braden and his group of friends all wanted to go together for their senior year! I wasn't as involved with Braden's as Kyler's. Both groups went 4 wheeling for their day-dates, and Braden's group went out to dinner at Chili's. Kyler's group came to my house for dinner.
We had bacon-wrapped filets, "funeral potatoes", salad, rolls, and sorbets for dessert. I LOVE that my boys let me be involved in their dances and their lives... I LOVE their friends, (that call me "mama Hurst" or just "mom") and most of all (even though they are BIG STINKERS sometimes) I LOVE my boys!!!
Here is Kyler's group just before heading out the door to the dance... boys: Justin Post, (J.P.) Kyler, Cody Langford, Duncan Alger, and Parker Manuell (Park-dizzle) girls: Presley Steglich, Tia Smith, Taryn Desatoff, a girl from St. George, (I don't remember her name) and Britainy Pritchard
Kyler and his date: Tia Smith
Braden and his date: Natasha Frampton

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


I had Bunco at my house tonight and I made chicken salad for sandwiches and Beach Salsa... Some of the ladies wanted the recipes, so I am posting them on here... Enjoy!

Chicken and Rice Salad

2 cans (12 1/2 oz.) White chicken meat or 2 1/2 cups
1 1/2 cup cooked rice
3/4 c. seedless red grapes- slice lengthwise
3/4 c. chopped celery
1/2 c. chunky pineapple- drained
1/2 c. mandarin oranges- drained
1/2 c. best food mayonnaise
1 c. Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
1/2 c. slivered almonds

**You don't have to be too careful about measuring!
**Makes about 5 cups of salad- 36 heaping Tbs.
***I put them on croissant rolls, but can be put on any kind of bread- or just eat with a fork!

Beach Salsa

5-6 Roma Tomatoes
1 bundle of Green onions
1 can black beans- rinsed
1 can corn- drained
1 can sliced olives- drained
1 bundle of cilantro
3 limes squeezed
1 dry packet of Italian seasoning

**Add this all together in a bowl- serve with tortilla chips!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Spring Break 2010

This is what Spring Break 2010 in Dixie started off...
So Nia and I decided to do some "indoor" projects... We painted a wall in her room...
A wall in the front room... (I hated the 1st color, so I had to go and get another color and re-paint it)
Then I painted the big wall in the entry way... I'm quite pleased with the way everything turned out!
Finally we had good enough weather the last day or so, so the boys were sent outside to work on the flooding problem we've been having... I HOPE and PRAY that we found the magical "FIX"!!!

Taysia and Trevin get Baptised

My sister, Kristi's kids: Taysia asked Chris, and Trevin asked Braden to Baptize them
Taysia is 12 and Trevin is 9
Chris has always been a special uncle to Taysia- she once told her mom that when she got older she was going to marry uncle Chris...
It was a good experience for Braden to baptize his little buddy... Trevin has always LOVED Braden- he used to just follow Braden around, and be happy to just be with Braden doing whatever...

Hurricane Rugby

Hurricane's first ever Rugby team
They start with a prayer
The "B-dawg" making sure he looks good before he goes out and gets trampled on!

"B-dawg", Phonso, and "P-dizzle"
Braden and Phonso... We so don't understand this game, but it has been fun going and watching. There has been so much support, it has been amazing! And for the fact that this is our first year playing, we are doing pretty good!